Brockhaus Reprints

Brockhaus Reprints publishes new editions of rare and important books on travel and geography, with introductions and annotations of well-known historians. 

Fin de Siècle Kayaking

Larisch, Rudolf von. Der Kajak und seine Arten. Reprint of the edition Vienna 1918. Stuttgart, privately published, 2007. 1 l., 12 pp., 4 ll. Large octavo. With 3 ll. of illustrations and many vignettes. Printed wrappers.  - One of 200 numbered copies.

€ 15,-


Rudolf von Larisch, born in Verona on April 1, 1856, died in Vienna on March 28, 1934.  iwas an Austrian illustrater and typographic designer. He was also an ardent kayaker. This booklet is a rapturous praise of kayaking and a denouncement of rowing.



Humboldt's tropical regions and Goethe's ideal landscape

Humboldt - Beck, Hanno und Wolfgang-Hagen Hein. Humboldts Naturgemälde der Tropenländer und Goethes ideale Landschaft. Zur ersten Darstellung der Ideen zur Geographie der Pflanzen. Stuttgart, Brockhaus Antiquarium, 1989. 5 large, coloured plates and a leaflet. Available either rolled or in a folder. = Quellen und Forschungen zur Geschichte der Geographie und der Reisen, 15.    

€ 149,-


This publication unites all of Humboldt's and Goethe's profile tables for the "Geography of Plants" for the first time. They are in the original colours and sizes, and there is even a reproduction of Humboldt's first watercolour sketch, which he made in 1803. Goethe's copy of the book lacked this plate, so he made a sketch himself, which is different to Humboldt's scientific apporach in that he shows a landscape, with depictions of the plants, animals etc. found in the different altitudes.



Spix/Martius – Brasil

Spix, Joh. Bapt. v. und C. Fr. v. Martius. Reise in Brasilien in den Jahren 1817-1820. Reprint. 3 volumes and atlas. Stuttgart, Brockhaus / Antiquarium, 1966. Text volumes in quarto, atlas in oblong folio. The atlas contains 56 plates with a leaf of text in German and Portuguese each. Publisher's cloth with d/w. = Quellen und Forschungen zur Geschichte der Geographie und der Reisen, 3.

€ 272,- (text 158,- atlas 114,-)


Reprint of the famous report of the expedition in Eastern Brazil and the Amazonas region, which was first published 1823-1831. Contains a biography of botanist Martius and a new, very useful index. - Text volumes and atlas can be bought seperately.



Cook's second voyage

Forster, Johann Reinhold. Beobachtungen während der Cook'schen Weltumsegelung 1772-1775. Gedanken eines deutschen Teilnehmers. Mit einer Einführung von Hanno Beck. Stuttgart, Brockhaus Antiquarium, 1981. XX, 588 pp. With 3 folding maps. Publisher's cloth with dustwrapper. = Quellen und Forschungen zur Geschichte der Geographie und der Reisen, 13.

€ 64,-


Reprint of the first edition of this classic work on Captain Cook's second circumnavigation.



One of the most important historical documents

Tschudi, Johann Jakob. Reisen durch Südamerika. Unveränderter Neudruck mit einer Einführung von Carl Troll und Hanno Beck. Stuttgart, Brockhaus / Antiquarium, 1971. With 27 plates, 10 maps and plans and 137 text illustrations. Publisher's cloth and d/w.   

€ 148,-


Reprint of this important work on the history of colonization of Brazil.




The world map of Idrisi

Idrisi - Miller, Konrad. Weltkarte des Arabers Idrisi vom Jahre 1154. Neudruck der Ausgabe Stuttgart 1928. Stuttgart, Brockhaus Antiquarium, 1981. A huge, coloured folding map in 3 sheets. With a 22-page booklet. In a clothcovered folder.

€ 168,-


Reprint of the Stuttgart edition of 1928. The map is 85 x 190 cm large. It shows the world from the Atlantic Islands to the Pacific, from Iceland to Indonesia, from the East African Coast to Arabia, Egypt and the Sudan. It is indispensible for students of the geography of the Middle Ages.



Kaempfer's travels to Japan, edited by Dohm

Kaempfer, Engelbert. Geschichte und Beschreibung von Japan. Aus den Originalhandschriften des Verfassers herausgegeben von Christian Wilhelm Dohm. Mit einer Einführung von Hanno Beck. Neudruck des 1777-1779 erschienenen Originalwerkes. 2 Bände. Stuttgart, Brockhaus / Antiquarium, 1982. 2 ll., LXVIII, 310 pp.; 5 ll., 478 pp. With 45 plates. = Quellen und Forschungen zur Geschichte der Geographie und der Reisen, 2.

€ 168,-


2 volumes. Publisher's cloth and d/w. Reprint of the 1777-1779 edition. With a new introduction by Hanno Beck.



Katalan world atlas - "Glanzstück der Kartographie des Mittelalters"

Katalanischer Weltatlas. Einführung und Übersetzung von Hans-Christian Freiesleben. Stuttgart, Brockhaus / Antiquarium, 1977. 34 pp. of text. Folio. With 6 doublepage, coloured maps,  41 x 52 cm. Illustrated publisher's cloth. = Quellen und Forschungen zur Geschichte der Geographie und der Reisen, 11.

€ 214,-


This is a facsimile of the famous 'Manuscript Espanol 30' of the French national library. With a new introduction and translation of the text by H.-C. Freiesleben. The original has been called the most beautiful and exact atlas of its time. The facsimile contains the maps in the original colours and in black and white to facilitate the deciphering of the text.



Poeppig's work on Chile

Poeppig, Eduard. Reise in Chile, Peru und auf dem Amazonenstrome, während der Jahre 1827-1832. Neudruck der Ausgabe 1835-1836. 2 volumes in 1. Stuttgart, Brockhaus / Antiquarium, 1960. VIII, 466; V, 464 pp. Large octavo. With a folding map, a sheet of music and 16 plates. Publisher's cloth with dustwrapper.

  € 58,-


Reprint of the edition 1835/36.  Poeppig was a German naturalist who travelled extensively in Chile, Peru and on the Amazon. Most of his botanical collections were lost but his diaries survived and are the basis for this important work.



Ratzel's Mexico report - worth reading

Ratzel, Friedrich. Aus Mexico. Reiseskizzen aus den Jahren 1874 und 1875. Neudruck des 1878 erschienenen Werkes. Mit einer Einführung von F. Termer. Reprint. Stuttgart, Brockhaus / Antiquarium,1969. With a sketch map and a folding map. Publisher's cloth with d/w. = Quellen und Forschungen zur Geschichte der Geographie und der Reisen, 5.

€ 44,80


Together with Richthofen, Ratzel was one of the leading German geographers of that period.




The Humboldt-Bibliography

Löwenberg, J. Alexander von Humboldt. Bibliographische Übersicht seiner Werke, Schriften und zerstreuten Abhandlungen. Unveränderter Neudruck dieses Teils aus dem 1872 erschienenen Werk: K. Bruhns: A. v. Humboldt. Eine wissenschaftliche Biographie. Stuttgart, Brockhaus Antiquarium, 1960. 68 pp. Publisher's wrapper.

€ 14,-


Lists over 550 publications by Humboldt with bibliographical details.




Humboldt's „Kosmos“

Humboldt, Alexander von. Kosmos. Für die Gegenwart bearbeitet von Hanno Beck. Stuttgart, Brockhaus Antiquarium, 1978. Mit 9 (8 coloured) illustrations on 4 plates and 1 text illustration. XXX, 453 pp. Original cloth. = Quellen und Forschungen zur Geschichte der Geographie und der Reisen, 12.  - Excellent copy.    

€ 24,-


Hanno Beck, professor emeritus for "History of Science" at the University of Bonn, is considered one of the most significant Humboldt experts of our time. His Kosmos edition paved the way to a wider understanding of Humboldt's imminent work which made him one of the most important geographers and scientists of his time.



Ethiopian antiquities

Jäger, Otto A. and Ivy Pearce. Antiquities of North Ethiopia. A guide. Second edition, enlarged by recent Finding in Tigre. Stuttgart, Brockhaus, 1974. 1 map, 22 illustrations and 36 (26 coloured) photographies on plates. 164 p. Original cloth.

€ 19,80


Ancient documents on Travels to Ethiopia; Churches and monasteries; Wall painting, Icons, Manuscript illuminations; The Castles and Churches of Gondar; Lake Tana and its Island; Tigre; Lalibela.



History of Geography

Rühl, Alfred. Einführung in die allgemeine Wirtschaftsgeographie. Erweiterte und überarbeitete Fassung nach dem Manuskript herausgegeben von Hans Böhm. Stuttgart, Brockhaus / Antiquarium, 1989. 146 pp. with a frontispiece. Publisher's boards.  = Quellen und Forschungen zur Geschichte der Geographie und der Reisen, 14.

€ 38,80


Alfred Rühl (1882-1935), professor for geography in Berlin since 1914, wrote this text shortly before his death. Rühl was originally a geomorphologist, but later turned towards social and economic geography, of which he was one of the first proponents.



150 Years Brockhaus / Antiquarium

Brockhaus / Antiquarium 1856 bis 2006. Ein Blick in die Geschichte zum 150-jährigen Jubiläum. Von Frank Werner. Kornwestheim 2006. 28 p. Numerous illustrationen.

€ 10,-

The history of Brockhaus / Antiquarium, from its early beginnings in Leipzig to the present time in Kornwestheim. With numerous photographs.