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Cook’s circumnavigation, ethnological studies on the use of sago in the South Seas, the Eskimo’s art of kajak building, or a Baedeker with bars of chocolate instead of pages inside it – these are some of the many books that you will find in our stock. On this page we offer rare, valuable, unusual or simply strange books on all aspects of my chosen field, and - occasionally - something completely different.

By far the most complete description of the monastery, with a signed photograph of the author

Filchner, Wilhelm. Kumbum Dschamba Ling. Das Kloster der hunderttausend Bilder Maitreyas. Ein Ausschnitt aus Leben und Lehre des heutigen Lamaismus. Leipzig, Brockhaus, 1933. With a frontispiece, 206 illustrations on plates, 412 text illustrations, a coloured plate and a large folding plan. XVI, 555 pp. Quarto. Brown publisher's cloth with coloured dustwrapper, in the original slipcase. 

€ 1400,-

Kumbum monastery is a Buddhist monastery in the Tibetian cultural region of Amdo. It was ranked in importance as second only to Lhasa. Filchner vistited it for six months in 1926, after travellers like Huc or David-Neel had been there before him. This great book is by far the most complete description of the monastery, its inhabitants, their daily lives, rituals etc. It also deals extensively with Tebtan medical practice.

A very clean, crisp copy with the rare dustwrapper and a signed portrait of the author.

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